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Welcome to the HUB!

Have your circumstances changed? Does life keep throwing you one curve ball after another? Are you confused about your next step in life? Are you a high school graduate and need a plan for the rest of your life? No idea of a career choice? Want to speak to someone already in your career? Looking for employment? Need help filling out an application? Looking to enroll in college? Looking to enlist? Let the HUB help you achieve your goals!

At the HUB, we believe every young person should be encouraged and fortified to achieve their goals. Contact us today for mentoring, tutoring, or networking opportunities that will transform your life!

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to create a community partnership and network of resources to empower underrepresented youth. With the HUB as the binding force in supporting, mentoring, developing, and connecting young adults with available resources that improve lives. As young adults battle personal insecurities, feel abandoned by family, and struggle to do better—the HUB recognizes a need for someone to step up and connect our youth with phenomenal opportunities for employment, education, and enlistment.

Our Why

The HUB Coalition Board is a non-profit organization made up of an 11-member body with members from Volusia and Flagler counties. Noticing the plight of our youth and missed opportunities for so many left unfulfilled after high school, The HUB coalition was formed. Our aim is to be a guiding and inspirational force to the youth in the communities we serve. We wholeheartedly believe our presence in the community has the power to change lives by fostering the job seekers of today, learners of the future, leaders of tomorrow, and citizens for eternity.